Reusing as much recyclables as possible in order to keep our environment more friendly

Globally, over 400 million tonnes of plastic wastes are generated every year.

GIVO is a circular economy company, leveraging the use of technology to collect, process and upcycle plastic waste into valuable goods. We are a network of tech-enabled recycling centers with a manufacturing arm, where we make consumer and industrial products out of recyclables. Our vision is to be the leading enabler of circular economies in Africa, through tech-enabled waste management and recycling solutions. To date, we have processed over 6 tons of recyclables and produced over 20,000 units of consumer/industrial goods (such as shredded plastic flakes, eco-panels, face shields).

GTP Platform

Uses of suite of advanced technologies to track material flow, emissions and compliance enabling transparency & finance for the waste value chain. GTP platform enhances data quality & decision making by connecting the dots in the plastic management supply chain to create a circular economy

GIVO Center

The GIVO center operates as a local hub operated by youth and women, that collects plastics from households and the environment and processes these materials into industrial products. By diverting waste materials from landfills, each center collects 90 metric tons annually, leading to a cleaner environment.

GIVO Foundation

GIVO Foundation is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting circularity by educating communities on the value of “waste”. With a focus on experiential engagement, we equip people with practical knowledge and tools to create systemic change;  enabling them become ambassadors and promoters within communities.


Founded in 2021, the GIVO Foundation has impacted over 1,200 individuals to date across communities in Nigeria through training programs, skills acquisition, job opportunities, and the production of consumer products from recyclables.

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