Track driver training and ensure that only trained drivers are allowed to move products. Inspect vehicles & driver medical condition.

safetycapture™ seeks to keep long-haul drivers and the products they are moving safe.

Accidents don’t have to happen, and this solution seeks to equip drivers with the necessary driver safety information that will keep them safe and protected at all times.

From the organization level, it will help keep track of driver training and ensure that only the trained drivers are allowed to move their products. It will also help to inspect vehicles and medical conditions of the drivers.

With the inclusion of a driver journey plan, organizations are also able to provide a precise movement schedule that the drivers can follow throughout their journey and which they can monitor.

⛶ timecapture™ collects clock in & out data from individuals, using a Bluetooth enabled biometric fingerprint reader and sends it real-time for live access anywhere in the world.

⛶ safteycapture™ modules

1. Defensive driving training & certification

This module handles the training part for the drivers. Training materials will be created by the organization which could be in video, audio, pictorial or text form.Drivers will have a portal to log in and consume the material. A quiz will then follow based off the information material and each driver’s performance will be monitored.

Based off their performance, organizations can determine which drivers are allowed to travel and which ones require additional training. A certificate will be also provided for external bodies to verify content and validity thanks to the certification management embedded system.

3. Vehicle and medical inspection

The vehicle inspection module will also be on the application side and will provide a step-by-step vehicle checklist that the driver will have to follow every morning.

This is with a view to ensuring that the driver confirms that the vehicle is in proper condition before leaving. The medical inspection will happen on the backend where individual driver’s medical information will be accessed before the driver is either cleared or not cleared for travel.

2. Driver journey plan

This will be on the application side which will seek to provide drivers with an effective and safe journey plan that they will follow through their journey.

The journey plan will have critical information regarding the best route the driver should take, safe resting spots for the driver to park and rest and will even provide the driver with updates on expected elements like weather. The driver will also have a daily checklist that will guide them on what to check for each day before they start their journey.

The organization will have alerts for instances where the driver fails to fill in a checklist or diverts from the pre-allocated journey plan.

Benefits Include

Safety & Protection

To keep all drivers safe and always protected.


To ensure all drivers are following identified standard operating procedures throughout their journeys.

Alerts & Reports

To provide an alert and reporting mechanism for organizations.

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