Track access of staff, visitors and vehicles in & out of your location(s)

secucapture™ ensures your site is as secure as possible.

Businesses and corporations have different security and access requirements for different employees, to ensure the secure management of information, produce, people and incidents. Paper based visitor and security management systems are open to fraud and only provide information after the event. 


Using biometric, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, SecuCapture™ offers accurate employee verification to ensure appropriate access can be maintained and monitored in on-site activities, across multiple locations. The system clocks in/out visitors, assets, vehicles or anything else the customer requires. This unique system provides security solutions to businesses, schools, organisations, farms and factories.

⛶ secucapture™uses bluetooth and biometric data to monitor movement of visitors, assets and vehicles in real-time.

⛶ secucapture™ set consists of:

  • User authentication with duo for data security
  • NFC & biometric id capability
  • Employee’s access tracking
  • Vehicle access tracking
  • Visitor’s access tracking via NFC
  • Employee and visitor’s rollcall
  • Long haul transporter trucks inspection
  • Driver’s attendance tracking. 
  • Access and turnaround time tracking
  • Employee and company vehicle tracking via NFC
  • Integrated with the other capture apps

Benefits Include

Site Access & Security

The secucapture app logs all the entries in and out of your sites (via face recognition, data entry and NFC tapping of cards and windshields tags).



Visitors & Contractors

Secucapture logs access on multiple levels, including visitor access and contractor access, each with different access privileges.

Safety Roll Call

The system provides a safety roll call management which harvests data from all the access records to make sure that everyone is accounted for in the event of a site emergency.

Safety Equipment

Tag all the equipment that need safety control and all your Fire Extinguishers with NFC anti metal tags provided by CAPTURE Solutions to understand when they are due to be replaced or services. 

Vehicle Inspection

Secucapture tracks vehicles and drivers they were assigned to, as well as their access in and out of site, as well as inspection on return, route tracking & turn around time

Secucapture Cargo

The system also provides features to manage truck-cargos combining it with the ERP of the company to provide que management for trucks coming in and then leaving the site in a secure and orderly manner providing notification features for the customers (sms and email). 

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