Time and attendance solutions for businesses, organizations and schools.

timecapture™ ensures businesses, organisations and schools can accurately track the time and attendance of employees, pupils and visitors.

Using biometric, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, attendancecapture offers businesses and schools a seamless solution to track tasks, time and attendance. Our business solution enables accurate and transparent verification of staff, and can be used to improve efficiency through monitoring attendance, workflow, task management, payroll and report generation.

Our solution for schools enables verification to ensure children are safely in school, and acts as a portal between schools and parents, giving parents access to information about attendance, fees, activities and results, for peace of mind.

⛶ timecapture™ collects clock in & out data from individuals, using a Bluetooth enabled biometric fingerprint reader and sends it real-time for live access anywhere in the world.

⛶ timecapture™ set consists of:

  • Biometric registration of employees
  • GPS location of activities and key locations
  • Geofence monitoring of key activities as required
  • Staff leave remote staff apply leave digitally
  • Payment gateway for mobile money and banks
  • Self-managed option for field staff
  • Payroll option for employees and casuals
  • Petty cash management managing mobile payments
  • Customised reporting as defined by customer
  • Online / offline functionality
  • Integration with other modules and systems

Benefits Include


Daily attendance onsite can be recorded via a selection of devices through fingerprints, facial recognition and/or digitally unique cards. 

Inventory Control

Keep track of purchases, movement and the usage of vital raw materials managing multiple types of inventory through self-customized reports. 



Monitor movement of personnel along with assets in & out of your site, as well as turn around time



Register employee records, record   leave / off days and handle salary / wage payments based on time & attendance records

Self Service

Remotely assign and monitor tasks.  Receive realtime updates on task completion using infield smart devices.  

Add Ons

Customisable modules  e.g Canteen, Laundry, Waste, Payment Integration, Automatic SMS or email notifications, to keep stakeholders up to date.


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